Rachma Map v2

Rachma, as relayed by an Aperonian cartographer.

Rachma is the name of the whole world this wikia talks about!

It has five main countries:


Rachma's dominated by Aperion, a massive continent which is named for the country that takes up the majority of its surface. A wide, almost insurmountable mountain range called the Barrier Range separates the country of Aperion from its eastern peninsula and coastline, which is the only part of the continent that belongs to Aperion's neighbor, Heruba.

Heruba is a nation made up of mostly islands and a small amount of coastline. South of Heruba and Southeast of Aperion is the former nation of the Shouxian, which has since been annexed by Heruba.

To the south of Aperion is the wasteland of Shackelton, which has little to no human population.

To the north is Vidbel, a cold continent divided up into three provinces. They also claim a small island that sits between Vidbel and Aperion, though it is generally considered neutral ground between the two nations.

Far to the west is where Ti'kal is said to reside, though any maps that chart the country are long gone. No one has heard from Ti'kal in so many generations that its very existence has become something of a legend.

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