Rachma Map v2

Rachma, as relayed by an Aperonian cartographer.

Greetings from RachmaEdit

Rachma is the last of worlds, the final test to decide the wager between The Creator and the Other. It's a world swelling with airships and adventure (and a couple of fantastic creatures). From the mountains of Aperion to the oceans of Heruba, all the way to the icy flords of Vidbel, Rachma and the people that live there will determine, once and for all, whether the universe is worth it.

Of course, that's in the grand sceme of things. Most of the people of Rachma are more concerned with their own lives than the consequences of an old story. Maybe you'd like to get to know some of the residents of this world and learn a little about their culture?

Not sure where to start?Edit

Rachma's a pretty big place. There's a lot to see!

  • You could try learning about the pantheon! Nosbalada is a pretty good place to start.
  • Or if you're more interested in historical figures, The Blood Kings are always an excellent read.
  • Perhaps you'd like a tour of the geography? We recommend looking at some of the countries.
  • Do you care more about the people than the places? Try looking at some of the characters who live on Rachma! Molly's a pretty central figure.

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