With an unknown past and a strange way of interacting with others, Riley is an unusual, quiet boy whom most peg as seventeen years old.


Riley's past is a blur. He presumably has parents, but he couldn't name any. His memory is shoddy at best; it only extends about two years back, when he first came into New Phosphor. He's aware, in a vague sort of way, that he wandered around Aperion beforehand, and that he's been many places, but he can't recall any of them in any sort of detail.

Riley showed up in New Phosphor in the late fall of Welkin YEAR. He skulked around town for some time, but he didn't make any connections until he ran into Molly Roberts, who punched his lights out and chided him for frightening young women.

He's become attached to the girl since. At first, was pure curiosity. She seemed just as curious about him, and littl by little they became friends. Riley's motives aren't entirely altrusitic, thought: he thinks Molly might be connected to his past somehow. The longer he's around her, the stronger his retention rate gets. And he's started getting little flashes and blinks of the life he can't remember. They're not much, but they're more than he ever had on his own before.


Riley's a quiet, friendly youth, though you wouldn't exactly know it to look at him. Riley's hair is too shaggy, and his posture is more often than not hunched, and his eyes always feel like they're opened just a little too wide. He's slow to trust, and his lack of understanding about himself mean that he spends a great deal of time trying to analyze others.

Riley doesn't talk very often. He couldn't really give you the reason (he wonders if it's part of some trauma in his everything else that's wrong with him), but he saves most of his words for when he thinks it's most important, or he can't communicate any other way. Over the years, Molly's become good enough at reading his body language and his expressions to understand him well enough, so he hasn't yet had the need to talk much.

Riley has a wry sense of humor and an interest in the way they act, anyway. Riley notices things. He thinks that the best way to know a person is to study how they behave and how they speak. The smallest things, he thinks, have the biggest impact.