The first Era in modern Aperonian history, marked by the rule of the Flynn family. Notable for being the only Era in which a succession of Rover Kings were all related directly. Predated by the Indomitus Era and followed by the Briar Era. Lasted from Blood 1-Blood 193


The Blood Era gets its name from the fact that all five Kings were Flynns. Amadeus Flynn was the first, followed by his son Gabriel Flynn. Gabriel Flynn was succeeded by Iris Flynn, and she by her son Mordecai, and he by his son Anthony, who saw the end of the Era soon after his ascention. The Blood Era is the only period of time where Rover Kings were related and were chosen not by election, but by blood relation.

It is possible that this method of succession would have continued were it not for the murder of Anthony Flynn, who had no children. Briar King Travers Macguiness's ascention was highly contested at the time, but lacking any direct heir to the throne, Macguiness's claim was considered more valid than any other due to his prior position as the Dread Forerunner. King Travers was the lord who established the rite of succession followed by the Council and Senate today in Aperion.

Notable EventsEdit

The Blood Era is most famous for the creation of the bare bones of modern Aperionian society.

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